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1Jun 2017

Free VJ Content from TripleWide Media

STEP 2: DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE VJ CONTENT Whether you’re brand new to visuals or have been running switchers and video systems for 20 years, there’s nothing like great free media to boost your library! This is the best Free VJ Content available anywhere! Stock up today. Simply click each of these motions below and “purchase” the SD TripleWide version for […]

19Jun 2015

Feature Friday VJ Edition

Feature Friday VJ Edition What better way than to kick off the weekend then with these high energy clips. Check out all our VJ content here! Did you catch our post about the Top 6 VJ Software? Catch up on that and the rest of our newest VJ Posts on the blog. VJ Content Blue […]

18Jun 2015

3 Keys to becoming a VJ

So, you want to become a VJ? What do you need to get started? Computer with VJ Software…but there’s more We’ll go into details next week on Choosing the Right Computer, but you’ll need one with lots of horsepower, a killer graphics card, and great VJ Software. What else do you need? Projector/Screen or LED […]

16Jun 2015

VJ…what is this?

VJ’s Uncovering the Mystery You’ve probably seen, read, and heard a lot about “VJ’s”. Maybe you’ve heard them referred to as a video jockey, visual DJ, video DJ, or VDJ? There is a mystery that surrounds them that a lot of people don’t understand. So we wanted to take a moment to dive into what […]

27Apr 2015

Cubic Projection Mapping: A VJ Setting (#116)

The VJ scene is exploding out of places like Spain, NYC, LA, and more. Never before has video content driven so much of the live event experience. Today’s Monday Mapping shows how much you can create an incredible show and atmosphere with projection and simple objects/shapes. Today’s Monday Mapping is a great example of how […]

20Feb 2014

Top 6 VJ Software for Multiscreen Video

It’on the age of multiscreen media and stock footage. Creative set designs are everywhere and almost every touring artist, corporate event and entertainment gathering seems to be incorporating video. The encouraging part is that more and more of these types of events are incorporating multiscreen. It may be an ultra-wide edge blended video wall, a […]

26Aug 2013

VJ with 3D Projection Mapping (#59)

Today’s Monday Mapping incorporates and blends a VJ with the traditional DJ. Using the tonal elements of the musical selection, the artist created a blank 3D canvas on which to showcase visually their interpretation of the music. I like how they start with showing the creation of the 3D canvas that they attach to a wall. Simple […]

8Aug 2012

VJing CHIC 2012

The following post is from one of our very own producers: Nicholas Rivero. He recently was a part of a massive multi-screen LED setup in Knoxville and we asked him to share a little bit of what was involved in an event this large. Here’s what he had to say:     I got to […]

22Feb 2012

worshipVJ’s Stations of the Cross

We wanted to highlight a really neat collection that one of our producers, worshipVJ, just uploaded. He calls it the “Stations of the Cross” and includes 9 hand drawn images that have to deal with Easter and the Crucifixion. I would highly encourage you to check them out. Here’s a small note from Stephen (worshipVJ): […]

6Feb 2012

TripleWide VJ – A Visual Story.

You’ve probably never seen someone VJ in a club with triplewide screens before? It’s been done — We’ve found a video jokey out there that VJ’s with a triple wide screen setup. Its cool to see that this is guy is adopting some of this “expanding the canvas” style of projection we talk about here […]

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