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14Jan 2016

The Best Projector for Environmental Projection


As I teach seminars and we get emails from all over the world from you guys who are wanting to install Enviornmental Projection, the number one question we get is this: what is the best projector for environmental projection?

What is the best projector for environmental projection?

It’s a fun question to discuss, because we always get a chance to see your room, look at pictures and give advice that is very specific to your room. However most of that isn’t possible because no matter how many measurements we get, and how much we can estimate the light in the room, we almost always have to be in the room.

The Best Projector for Environmental Projection

Now there is one projector that would truly fit in the category of the best projector for environmental projection. That projector is the Barco DP2k-32B. It’s a 43,000 lumen 2k resolution projector. It’s stinking BRIGHT!  But would technically be the best projection for environmental projection in ANY room.

Most of you though, that would be overkill. So lets take a look at some tips and tricks of the best practices to find the best projector for environmental projection in your specific environment. There’s one thing I should tell you before we begin: (more…)

13Jan 2016

Should You Rent Before You Buy?



Should You Rent Before You Buy?

This is a question I have been asked time and time again. What makes sense? Should I rent this projector or just go ahead and buy one. Should we own cameras or just rent them? These are great questions to ask. You need to consider many items, most that will be specific to your situation. Below, we’ve compiled a few of the questions that everyone needs to ask when making your next big equipment purchase decision.


Test Equipment and Setups

One thing that so many folks forget is to test equipment. I don’t know about you, but I spend crazy amounts of time researching products before I buy anything. Even that sometimes isn’t enough. You can research, compare prices, and look at alternatives until you’re blue in the face. Nothing compares to seeing a product in use in your room.

Renting equipment is a great way to overcome obstacles and avoid the unknowns. I love renting equipment, especially large pieces like projectors, sounds systems, and lighting consoles. These items cost thousands of dollars. I’ve saved myself plenty of time, hassle, and money by simply renting for one event or service to know if the particular piece of equipment is what I really need.

Renting also helps ensure that the equipment will fit in your space and with your setup. You want to be sure that the new 20k projector will fit where you can put it…leadership won’t be impressed when you add a $10,000 building renovation to accommodate a projector.



Unless you’re going to be using this equipment daily or at the very least weekly basis, you’ll need to figure out storage for your equipment. As with most churches and venues, I’m sure you’re just looking for new items to fill (more…)

11Jan 2016

Projection Mapping a Cruise (#139)

Monday Mapping

Projection Mapping a Cruise

It doesn’t seem like you can go anywhere today without being immersed in an environment. From holiday events to vacation destinations, projection mapping creates incredible environments. I really like this use of projection mapping within a theatrical space on the scale that and precision they were able to accomplish.

For today’s Monday Mapping, we’re hopping aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas to take a behind the scenes look at the technology used to create an unforgettable experience at sea.

The Video

The Technology

12k resolution. That’s right, 12k. Not HD, not 4k, or even 8k, but 12k! Using 18 projectors, edge-blended, and pixel mapped, the team was able to create a seamless image over 100′ wide and 20′ tall in stunning clarity and resolution. Using 3 4K Red Cameras, they were able to shoot custom content, stitch the frames together, and project one seamless image. (more…)

5Jan 2016

4 Essentials of Visual Worship.


We get the honor to serve so many church organizations all around the world. So many of you are just tipping your big toe into the world of multi-screen and visual worship. You may have been to SALT Conference before, or just started learning about this stuff through the articles here on TripleWide, regardless if you’re a veteran or just beginning, it’s good to be reminded of the essentials of visual worship from time to time.


1. Font Color & Background Brightness.

Always be aware of the color background you’re using behind lyrics. White lyrics are so common, sometimes we forget that there are a few backgrounds that need darker text. (more…)

29Dec 2015

Air Projection


Air Projection with Stephen Proctor

Our good friend and TripleWide Media producer, Stephen Proctor, recently helped create the environment for the grand opening of a new co-working space in Nashville, TN. Here’s our conversation about the event.


How did you come up with the concept?

Last year, I was down in Orlando working with Cole NeSmith on the Creative City Project, a unique collaborative event that brings together artists from all over their city. Cole was curating a unique art installation that he named “The Black Box.” It was a literal black box built in the middle of the street, completely closed off except for a small entrance covered by a drape.

He placed two projectors in the room & edited visuals synced to a song by Jonsi. The room was filled with diffused haze in order the catch all of the projection light… in the air. People walked in, stood against the back wall, & looked into the moving projection beams.

While we were experimenting with projectors in his living room, we stumbled upon some pretty sweet visual effects. He was already playing around with basic shapes that moved slowly across the frame, but when I added my extensive library of VJ loops, things started to get even more interesting.

So Cole pulled from some of those visuals and edited a piece synced to the music, which became the core element of the installation.



What was the reaction?
Child-like awe & wonder.

People had never seen anything like it before, especially not in that context.

We were blown away ourselves at how interesting it became. It really took on a life of it’s own.

I think we’re just so used to see visual effects, even projection, in a certain context, over & over again. Until you see it used in a completely different way… & then your mind is filled with new possibilities… & your imagination starts to go wild!

Think of the first time you saw “environmental projection”. All of a sudden, you’re exposed to a new world of creativity. Your canvas expands & your bandwidth for ideas just explodes in a heartbeat! (more…)

29Dec 2015

Best New Years Eve Countdowns

Best New Years Eve Countdowns | TripleWide Media

Best New Years Eve Countdowns


If you’re looking for the Best New Years Eve Countdowns, then you have come to the right place. From 10 seconds to 5 minutes, the countdowns here on TripleWide Media come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.

It all depends on what you’re needing this New Years Eve and what type of event you’re having. If you’re doing a large youth event, you might want a 5 minute countdown to have some time for everyone to get together. If it’s a small club style event, you could consider using a general countdown on the screen and then popping into a stylized 10 or 60 second countdown timer for the final seconds before the new year.


New Years Countdowns

While this is not an exhaustive list, here’s a snippet of what it on the site including some of what we see as the best New Years Eve Countdowns.


Classy Gold Countdown

Classy Gold Countdown | TripleWide Media


Exploding Fireworks over a Virtual City

Exploding Fireworks Over a Virtual City | TripleWide Media


Party Lights Countdown

Party Lights Countdown | TripleWide Media


Ten Second Sparkle Countdown

Ten Second Sparkle Countdown | TripleWide Media


28Dec 2015

Projecting New Years Eve (#138)

Monday Mapping

Projecting New Years Eve


It’s time to prepare, plan, and finalize details for your New Years Eve Bash! What better way to start than to find some inspiration. Today, we’ve got three unique projection mapping ideas to inspire you this New Years Eve.


Set Design

Projection mapping your set design is an incredible way to kick off the New Year. The best part about projection mapping your set design is that you can basically do anything you want. Take what you’ve got, add elements, or create something entirely new and create a fun environment. Check out this idea below!



Architectural Projection


23Dec 2015

A Makey Makey Christmas

 A Makey Makey Christmas

A Makey Makey Christmas


Makey Makey is an Arduino based controller board that allows you to interface with a computer in a variety of creative ways. Unlike many similar controllers on the market Makey Makey is designed to be very simple. This inherent simplicity allows the user to focus on creating an experience, not on technical details and programming. Makey Makey can be used in a wide range of projects, from banana keyboards to game controllers. Of course our favorite way to use Makey Makey is creating experiences for live events.


How it works.


 Power Harness


Conceptually the Makey Makey is extremely simple. Completing a circuit across the board serves as a ‘key’ signal that is sent to the computer you want to control via USB. The Arduino processor on the Makey Makey board uses the Human Interface Device protocol over USB to mimic a keyboard or mouse, allowing the host computer to register inputs from the Makey Makey as keystrokes or mouse clicks.


22Dec 2015

DIY – Glowing LED Drum Wall

Glowing LED Drum Wall | TripleWide Media

Glowing LED Drum Wall


Following Nick Rivero’s great post on the Evolution of DIY LED, I decided to take a look at how Erik Mitchell and the crew from Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo, Texas used DIY LED for their Christmas services last year. They built a glowing LED drum wall and lit each drum with LED strip tape!


Before they could light the wall, they had to build it. One of the worship leaders located a bunch of old drums and then took a road trip to pick them up. They cut each drum to the same depth, painted each one black, and then put new heads on. The drums were then stacked and attached using a short 2×4 in between each shell. Most of the heads were then mic’d with various spare microphones that they had available. The bottom drum heads were not mic’d since they were so low to the ground and not very easy to hit.


IMG_0451 (more…)

21Dec 2015

Christmas Comes Early – Double Bonus Credits!



Christmas Comes Early – Double Bonus Credits!


We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! To celebrate, we’re offering Double Bonus Credits through the end of 2015. Stock up on credits that never expire to finish off 2015 and set yourself up for a great start to 2016.

Have extra budget money you’re going to lose on the 31st? Looking for unique content? Ready to install environmental projection? Then now is the best time to fill up your account with credits. Click to Refill Your Credits!


Refill Your Credits | TripleWide Media


3 Reasons to Stock Up on Credits

1. Credits Never Expire

I know that we’ve talked about this time and time again, but credits don’t expire. Ever. So, if you’re sitting on some leftover budget money you’ll lose, grab some credits. It’s a guaranteed savings account. More than that, you’ll get great media cheaper than ever!


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