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What is TripleWide Media?

The goal of TripleWide Media is to create relationships. Going beyond content, we want to get to know you, be a part of your tech team, assist with installations, setups, ideation, and technical support.  We hope to be your go-to resource for multiscreen by providing you the best stock footage, motion backgrounds, and still imagery available. Through inspiring behind the scenes articles on some of the best multiscreen setups in today’s culture, learn why we’re the leader in Multiscreen Media.

TripleWide Media is committed to providing access to the largest collection of multiscreen stock footage and media to our community. In doing so, we’ve chosen an “a-la cart” purchase model where you can buy media as you need it. With that said, there’s one thing that will never change: Free Accounts! Go ahead and create an account today and start enjoying the benefits of being a part of this growing community today.


It’s All About Content

We provide creative, quality and effective content for triple wide video walls, double wide videos walls, wide format edge blended screens, environmental projection, video stages and other unique multiscreen applications.

The stock footage and motion backgrounds from TripleWide Media is simply the best we can find. Our team hand picks every piece of media from the top 40 or so producers around the world who are making triple wide video content and still images. Do you create fantastic media in an ultra wide aspect ratio? We’d love to see some of your stuff!

We’re not gonna nickel and dime you for what we know you need. Most multiscreen users need single wide content as well. That’s exactly why we at TripleWide Media give you access to download the single wide, double wide and triple wide resolutions with every purchase, at no additional cost. Click on the link below for more information on our “1 Purchase 3 Sizes” philosophy and why we believe in it so much.


More Pixels Than Ever Before!

With the launch of HD TripleWide Content, you now have access to the highest quality content for multiscreen, environmental projection, VJ’ing, and single-screen applications all in one place!

  •     HD Single Wide (1280*720)
  •     HD Double Wide (2560*720)
  •     HD Triple Wide (3840*720)

Click on one of the Series below to see the Best Curated Content:

Ever have trouble finding the best media? Feel like you don’t even know what to search for?

We’ve done the work to get you started. Introducing Series.

Our team has curated media in the following categories to give you a starting point to finding great media. From Cathedrals to VJ/Club, Particles to Subtle we’ve tried finding an array of options to search through to find great media.

How do I Get STARTED?

Our team has worked hard to help you learn all the basics of multiscreen and expanding the canvas. More than just partnering with the right people to provide for you the best media available, we’re committed to helping you learn and grow technically. Take a look at a few of the ways we have done that in the past:

Environmental Projection Conference

Here are some Quick Links to make it easy:

1 Purchase. 3 Sizes. Free Motion Backgrounds Credits | TripleWide Media

Letter from Luke

We love live events. There’s something about that live atmosphere that has the ability to affect people in such a profound way. And our love for Live Events is at the core behind the purpose of TripleWide Media!

Ever since we started this little journey, we wanted to cultivate a community of people who have a place to call home as they explore great content and media, learn about new technologies and become inspired by other’s work. In the end, it’s about helping people and building relationships!

So don’t hesitate to call or email us! We hope to amaze you with our response time, and personal approach. You’ll never hear cheesy hold music or get an automated response that says “Sorry we’re experiencing a high number of requests.” Because you matter, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help!

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