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Only Christ Closing Spanish

This Spanish motion features a large blue tree in the center with a smaller tree line next to the bigger tree. The bright sun peaks through the top of the tree. Dust particles slowly spread down and around the whole background. The cool colors help set a peaceful serene feeling. In the center in a script font are the words “Gracias por juntarse con nosotros”. This is a great closing background to help set a calm meditative mood for any setting with a Spanish speaking audience and is a great background for any time of the year! This is also a great motion for any themed service about Christ alone as the way to the Father.

About Enhanced products

About Enhanced products

All Products with the Enhanced (e+) icon/label include an additional file at no additional cost! For our SD products, we’re including the HD 720p single wide along with your SD triplewide, doublewide and singlewide files. For our HD products, we’re including the HD 1080p single wide along with your HD triplewide, doublewide and singlewide files.

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Only Christ