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Frequently Asked Questions: Purchasing & Credits

Purchasing & Credits


How do I purchase media?

Every time you want to purchase something just hit the “download” button. When you purchase a video or still on TripleWide Media, you will be prompted to pay with available credits in your account. If you do not have any available credits, you may purchase more by clicking the “Buy Credits” button at the top of the page. Once you have purchased the selected media, your account will automatically deduct credits from your account and you will be able to download your media immediately.


What do I do if my transaction is declined or I encounter an error message?

As an extra measure of security, the address you use on the purchase credits page must match the address you have in your account profile. Confirm by visiting your Account by clicking on Account Center at the top of any page (once your are logged into your account) to check that the addresses match.

If the addresses match, we recommend login out, closing your browser and then logging back in to clear any cache issues that may create a problem.


Once I have purchased media, how do I download it?

After every purchase on TripleWide Media, your files are stored in the “My Media” page in your account. To download your files, go to the “My Media” page, click on the orange “Download” button next to the video or still you would like to download. Then click on the resolution you want and the download process will begin. You won’t need to worry about downloading all three resolutions immediately upon purchased, you can go back at any time and download the resolutions you need.


What file resolutions are included with each purchase?

Every video or still you purchase (aside from short films) includes a the triple-wide, double-wide and single-wide resolutions. Once you purchased your content, you can choose which resolution to download in your “My Media” page.
Single wide: 640×480
Double wide: 1280×480
Triple wide: 1920×480

HD Versions
Single wide: 1280*720
Double wide: 2560*720
Triple wide: 3840*720

Enhanced (e+) products
Where available, enhanced products will include the following files at no additional charge!
SD Enhanced: 1280*720
HD Enhanced: 1920*1080


What are Credits and how much do they cost?

TripleWide Media has the flexibility to purchase content in a manner that avoids timely checkout processes. Therefore, TripleWide Media uses a credit-based payment system. When a user purchases a product, their credits are deducted from their credit balance and they can reload their account at any time. Its so simple. Keep your account active and your unused credits at the end of a year roll over so your credits don’t expire. 1 Credit = 1 USD Dollar. Bonus credits are included in higher quantity purchases.


Can I pay with check?

TripleWide Media is unfortunately not able to allow payments by check at this time. If you would like to pay by eCheck, please purchase credits by selecting that option at checkout. Your credits will be credited to your account once the payment clears. This could take up to 3-5 business days. Please feel free to contact our team if you have any issues.


Can I place an order via phone?

Unfortunately TripleWide Media is an online distributor only. TripleWide Media does not provide any shippable media. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause, but we are not able to take phone orders.


What methods of payment do you accept?

TripleWide Media is happy to accept the following major credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. TripleWide Media also accepts eCheck payments through PayPal.


Do credits expire?

Nope. That’s one of the best parts about TripleWide Media. Once you purchase your credits, they are yours. Simply keep your account active by logging in once every 24 months and you’re good to go! Stock up your account today!


What do I do when a product I purchased is not useable? (i.e. the file is corrupt, the download link won’t work or your file is not the same as the previews on the site)

If you have downloaded a product that is not useable, please email us or fill out the contact form with your product title and your issue. We will refund your credits and make sure to correct the issue for future purchases.


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