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The Leader OfMultiScreen  Media

Multi-screen LED Concert
With the advent of modern technology, video servers, video playback engines, etc… multi-screen video production in a live, corporate or television setting is on the rise. There has never been more of a need for great multi-screen stock footage and high quality video content.

TripleWide Media is the leader in providing the best selection of stock footage, the most affordable media in the ultra-wide video resolutions you need! Whether it’s projection mapping, multi-screen video walls, edge blending, LED walls or a simple triple wide screen setup, TripleWide Media is your source for Multi Screen Stock Footage.

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A Few Recognized Customers

The TripleWide Media community has a global reach including some of the top brands in the industry. Our stock media & stock footage has been picked up by sports teams, television programming, corporate planners, award shows, concerts and many other forms of media/entertainment. Here are a few recognizable brands that have used our media:

TripleWide Media Customers Include

American Idol Stock Footage

All About The Pixels.

No matter what your stage design is, whether you’re Madonna or Starbucks, you need the right number of pixels! All of the stock media on TripleWide Media is in an aspect ratio that works well with LED, Projection Mapping, Video Staging, Multi-Screen, Edge Blend, Environmental Projection, Ultra-wide projection and even a giant wall of TVs. Learn more about the resolutions we provide below in the “1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.” section.

You need a resource that allows you to find the highest quality of media and stock footage without wasting your time! With TripleWide Media’s highly curated library of video backgrounds, digital abstract loops and stock footage, you’ll be ready for any multi-screen setup. Take a look at some of our more popular categories below:

1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.


We’ve removed the hassle of worrying about which resolution or size you need to purchase. We just give you all three! Every purchase at TripleWide Media comes with the singlewide, doublewide AND triplewide…
at no additional cost.

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Never Expire. Ever.

TripleWide Media is the best place for those using Environmental Projection because of two reasons:


    This means you can download the media you want whenever you need it. Don’t worry about expiring download links here.


    When you purchase credits, they never expire. Ever! So don’t worry about forgetting to buy something. Your credits will be here waiting for you.

Everyone else is stealing from you! Be smarter with the way you buy media online.

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