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21Dec 2015

Disney Castle Projection Mapping (#137)


Disney Castle Projection Mapping

For our final Monday Mapping of Transform Christmas, we’re featuring the Disney Castle Projection Mapping!

Whether you’re 1 or 100, the imagination and magical mystery of Disney will awe and inspire you. The 2015 Christmas Castle Projection Mapping is one of the coolest projects we’ve seen. The details of the castle come to life as dazzling colors, shapes, and designs are projected onto the castle.



Watch as the castle takes on different shapes including a gingerbread house and Santa and his reindeer!

As we countdown to Christmas (this Friday in case you weren’t so sure) we’re excited to share some fun Christmas ideas and a great deal before Christmas! Stay tuned this afternoon!


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19Dec 2015

Projecting Candles this Christmas

Projecting Candles | TripleWide Media

Projecting Candles

Candlelight services are of my favorite parts of Christmas. They’re peaceful, simple, and calming. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, shopping, planning, traveling, and finishing up the year, it’s nice to have the opportunity to slow down and reflect.


For me, it’s just not Christmas until the lights dim, you’re holding that single candle with hundreds of others while “Silent Night” is sung. That brings Christmas home.

An idea that I’ve had for a while and haven’t had the opportunity to accomplish it yet is to do a massive candle environmental projection.



Candles and Environmental Projection

Here’s my idea for projecting candles this Christmas. Start with a single candle on a screen (more…)

19Dec 2015

Are you ready for Christmas?


Are you ready for Christmas?

Do you realize that Christmas is one week from today? Don’t stress out. We’ve got you covered. From seasons and series, recent uploads, curated Christmas content, and collections, we’re your one stop shop for all your Transform Christmas needs.

This has been such a fun month of Transform Christmas. What are some ideas you are coming up with to transform your services and events? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Here’s some of the fun you may have missed already this month.

The Evolution of DIY LED:

DIY LED isn’t a new concept. By this point in time, we’re probably all at least vaguely familiar with what LED strip tape is. As it’s been around a few years now, it’s finally crossed the threshold of affordability and general availability. It’s hard to believe what this stuff was costing just three or four years ago, now not only can you by a roll of white LED for $10, but you can buy it on Amazon Prime while you’re at it… [read more]


360° Environmental Projection:

Today on Transform Christmas, we wanted to take a look at Trinity Fellowship Church, in Amarillo, TX and what they have been doing with 360° Environmental Projection! I talked with their lighting designer, Kevin Penrod, to learn more about how he pulled this off…[read more]


4 Reasons Why Great Visuals Matter for Christmas:

We’ve been in Transform Christmas for a couple of weeks now, and furthermore this is our 5th Year Anniversary for a massive Christmas campaign. So why make a big deal? Why do great visuals matter for Christmas? Why should we care to curate great motion backgrounds, visual images and digital sets this year? Here are my 4 reasons…[read more]


In case you forgot…

Series and Seasons | TripleWide Media (more…)

18Dec 2015

Curated Christmas Content – Light of Christmas

Curated Christmas Content – Light of Christmas

Last year I saw the song Light of Christmas by Owl City featuring tobyMac used as the opening song at a church. I loved it and figured that many would be using the same song, so I wanted to spend some time figuring out what visuals I would use.



I started the song out with Intricate White Snowflakes by VJ Loops. As the beat builds, I switched to Glowing Ice Blue Snowflakes. This is the same clip as White Snowflakes, just with color added. Lining them up the clip times gave me the ability to switch clips and give the appearance that I just added color to the original clip. The second verse is shorter and does not have the intro, so I just used Glowing Ice Blue Snowflakes again.


Intricate white snowflakes on black | TripleWide Media


16Dec 2015

The Evolution of DIY LED


The Evolution of DIY LED


DIY LED isn’t a new concept. By this point in time, we’re probably all at least vaguely familiar with what LED strip tape is. As it’s been around a few years now, it’s finally crossed the threshold of affordability and general availability. It’s hard to believe what this stuff was costing just three or four years ago, now not only can you by a roll of white LED for $10, but you can buy it on Amazon Prime while you’re at it.


I covered last year on TWM a brief overview of the basics of LED strip tape. It takes some LED strip tape, a controller unit, and a power supply. I recommend taking a look at that if you’re new to the world of LED tape and also doing some searching around the web for more info about it.


This year, I wanted to take a quick look at where all of this LED stuff is going. There’s been some new innovations in over the past few years that’s shaped the evolution of DIY LED. So let’s jump in and look at what’s evolved. (more…)

15Dec 2015

Consistency this Christmas

Consistency this Christmas


Consistency this Christmas


Consistency is something that is easy to become complacent about. Whether you’re running visuals for your church, a tour, or a one – off event, finding elements to be consistent with will give you a solid foundation to build upon.

So how do you keep things consistent across the Christmas season. I think there’s a few ways to do this.


Elements of a Service

First off you want to be consistent within your services. We’ve talked a length before about keeping a consistent theme, keeping your visuals within the same color pallet or general tone. There’s one thing that can be a little awkward or weird are when visuals are drastically different across songs; there’s no real cohesive framework or constant that brings everything together.

Think about was going to youth camps or special concerts, conferences, etc. where you’re there for a few days and you keep coming back that one song or element that is the foundation point for the theme of the event. Remember the foundation as you navigate your visuals this Christmas season.


Elements of the Christmas Season

Another way is to look at the Christmas season as a whole *not just a service. What is the scripture you’re looking at or the story your’e telling. Obviously there is a key story this Christmas season, but what aspect of that story are you telling. Is it the birth? Maybe Mary or the wise men’s journey. Once you find the story or theme you can then work through your visuals.


So, once you have your structure, or framework with your story and them, how do you begin to build a consistent look?


First off, I like to start with the color palette first. Colors are important as you consider set pieces, artwork, lobby design etc. Taking your cues from those designs can give you a head start towards finding that color palette to lock into. Perhaps its a classic gold or silver look, maybe it’s subtle hues of reds, greens, and blues. Whatever it is, keep consistency across your visuals with color. Also, be sure to match your lighting with the visuals so they compliment one another.


The second item to consider is speed and depth of your motion. How much movement, energy, (more…)

Curated Christmas Content – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Between Christmas concerts, church services, special events, and televised Christmas specials, there are plenty of times to need Christmas Media.


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one of those quintessential songs that are performed at literally thousands of Christmas events each holiday season. I wanted to spend some time thinking about what visuals may work with a certain arrangement.


A little disclaimer, this is definitely  a lot more motions that I would typically use for one song, but wanted to get the effect of seeing the fire from different angles.


Verses 1-3

I really like the Dave Barnes version of the song and have always wanted to utilize some fireplace visuals in a Christmas setting. After going through the TripleWide Media catalog, I locked in on several great motions for Christmas.

Building emotion and

Log Fire – KreativityLog Fire | TripleWide Media

Campfire Loop #4 – Kenneth KeiferCampfire Loop #4 | TripleWide Media (more…)

14Dec 2015

Christmas “Under the Sea” (#136)

Monday Mapping


Christmas “Under the Sea”

Christmas Under the Sea projection mapping is a great example of simply being creative. Christmas is a great time to create a sense of awe and wonder using technology in creative ways.



This projection mapping experience brought the mysteries of the sea to the surface. Using 6 total projectors, they were able to create two 75′ by 20′ projection areas. Running along the pier in Panama City Beach, FL, the projection mapping showcased a Christmas scene of dolphins, turtles, and more.

I’ve never seen projection on sand. But, in thinking about it, sand is a great surface to project onto. It is a fairly consistent color, can be smoothed out well, and obviously there’s a ton of it, especially in FL!


Have you ever projected outdoors on a unique surface? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.


[rad_rapidology_inline optin_id=optin_3]

12Dec 2015

A Multiscreen Children’s Christmas

A Multiscreen Childrens Christmas | TripleWide Media


A Multiscreen Childrens Christmas


A multiscreen children’s Christmas? Really? Trust me, it’s worth the time!


What do you do for your Children’s services and events? Do you ever get an idea that seems maybe a little too far outside the box for your regular services?


Children’s Christmas services are great opportunities to push the envelope and really have some fun thinking outside the box. Children get excited about being creative. They are simply more free to express themselves without feeling and being examined and criticized. Take this as an opportunity to see what your children’s ministry wants to accomplish and be creative in how you get there.


Children’s events are a great opportunity to try creative ideas before you take them to the main service. While I don’t advocate making your children’s events a complete testing opportunity, there’s freedom there that you probably don’t feel in your other services. Always remember to keep excellence as a priority!


So, what are some creative ideas for a multiscreen children’s Christmas?


3 ideas for a Multiscreen Children’s Christmas!


1. Projection Mapping


12Dec 2015

Projecting Snow this Christmas

Projecting Snow | TripleWide Media

Projecting Snow This Christmas


Projecting Snow is a great way to create a festive winter or Christmas environment. Whether you’re looking to create a winter wonderland of snow in your church or add some Christmas spirit to the front of your house, snow projection can be a great way to accomplish that this Christmas.


Projecting Snow is simple, easier than creating fake snow, and more reliable than seeing if you’ll in fact get a white Christmas.


Here are 4 great ideas for Projecting Snow this Christmas!

1. Environmental Projection

One of my favorite uses in projecting snow is Environmental Projection. In order to create a winter wonderland indoors, you’ll need some tools for environmental projection. Once those are in place, it’s easy to transform your room into a scenic winter landscape. This is great for special Christmas events, youth or children’s services, and Christmas Eve services to envelop your congregation in the Christmas spirit.


2. Single Screen Backgrounds

Snow, whether realistic or abstract, can be great to use as motion backgrounds for your Christmas services. I like projecting snow to songs light Silent Night, Noel, or other traditional Christmas tunes. It helps to bring the closeness of the season to the atmosphere and moves people in a special way.


3. House Projection


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