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Stock Media Producer - illuminate


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"illuminate" (formerly known as "worshipVJ") is a collaborative effort between visual storytellers Stephen Proctor & Jeremy Stanley. We are dedicated to exploring & recovering the ancient practice of VISUAL WORSHIP and the forgotten notion that we have been given eyes to glorify God. He illuminates us through what we see! We believe that visual media in the Church should not be reduced to mere "backgrounds."The illuminations we project (& how they are projected) should be treated as art... art that creates an environment & tells a story.
The term illumination is borrowed from the early church. Starting at around the 5th century, religious books that included visual art were not referred to as illustrated or painted; they were illuminated. It's a holy work, with a holy purpose. It is more than an illustration. This visual art is a prayer designed to inspire a prayer; it is an illumination. And visual artists in the church are the new illuminators.
The visual art we present in church should be more than decoration. It is even more than art. Our visuals are nothing less than illuminations of the living Word of God.

Media Library From illuminate

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Church Spires Get Info Preview

Snow Covered Pine Get Info Preview

Blue Sky Desert Get Info Preview

City at Dusk Get Info Preview

Desert Footprints Get Info Preview

Desert Sunset Get Info Preview

Rolling Sand Hills Get Info Preview

Winter Landscape Get Info Preview

Winter Tree Line Get Info Preview

Worn Winter Road Get Info Preview

Stations of the Cross - 1 Get Info Preview