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How do I Get STARTED?

TripleWide Media is committed to providing access to the largest collection of multiscreen stock footage and media to our community. In doing so, we’ve chosen an “a-la cart” purchase model where you can buy media as you need it. With that said, there’s one thing that will never change: Free Accounts! Go ahead and create an account today and start enjoying the benefits of being a part of this growing community today.


Here are some Quick Links to make it easy:

Free Motions | TripleWide Media Free Motion of the Month | TripleWide Media

It’s All About Content

We provide creative, quality and effective content for triple wide video walls, double wide videos walls, wide format edge blended screens, environmental projection, video stages and other unique multiscreen applications.

Most multiscreen users need single wide content as well. That’s exactly why we at TripleWide Media give you access to download the single wide, double wide and triple wide resolutions with every purchase, at no additional cost. Click on the link below for more information on our “1 Purchase 3 Sizes” philosophy and why we believe in it so much.

More Pixels. More Possibilities

With HD TripleWide Content, you now have access to the highest quality content for any application…becuase we know that pixels are important.

  •     HD Single Wide (1280*720)
  •     HD Double Wide (2560*720)
  •     HD Triple Wide (3840*720)

Looking for Creative Ideas and Inspiration?

TripleWide Media is more than just great content. From articles on multiscreen, technology, and live events, to e-books on multiscreen and environmental projection, we want to be your go-to source for everything you need to setup your next environment.

Choosing Your LED Resolution | TripleWide MediaChoosing Your LED Resolution

Aeilion Project Mapping #191 | TripleWide MediaAeilion Project Mapping #191 Using a Midi Controller with Resolume | TripleWide Media A Midi Controller & Resolume
LED Pixel Strip Set Mapping (#190) | TripleWide MediaLED Pixel Strip Set Mapping (#190) Understanding Video Codecs | TripleWide MediaUnderstanding Video Codecs Pixel Mapping Montage (#189) | TripleWide MediaPixel Mapping Montage (#189)
Ten Tools to Keep in Your Workbox | TripleWide MediaTen Tools to Keep in Your Workbox Lightscape LED Pixel Mapping (#188) | TripleWide MediaLightscape LED Pixel Mapping (#188) Layering Lyrics and Media in Resolume | TripleWide MediaLayering Lyrics and Media in Resolume




Have Questions? Contact our team today or click to learn more about TripleWide Media!