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Welcome to the home of the best Christmas Content anywhere! TripleWide Media has made telling the story of Christmas easier though the use of beautiful still images, stunning footage, and high quality motion backgrounds. Through the curated selections below, find new media to quickly and easily create the perfect environment for your Christmas services, events, and theatrical productions.

Nativity Elements | TripleWide Media Candles | TripleWide Media Christmas Lights | TripleWide Media

nativity elements


christmas lights

White Christmas | TripleWide Media Winterscapes | TripleWide Media Christmas Sparkle | TripleWide Media

white christmas


christmas sparkle

Simple Christmas | TripleWide Media Journey to Bethlehem | TripleWide Media Trimming the Tree | TripleWide Media

simple christmas

journey to bethlehem

trimming the tree

Sacred Christmas | TripleWide Media Angels & Shepherds | TripleWide Media Starry Night | TripleWide Media

sacred christmas

angels & shepherds

starry night

Take advantage of the curated content on TripleWide Media – Transform Christmas. These 12 series will enable you to tell each piece of the Christmas story in a compelling, visual manner. Sometimes subtle motions or simple textures can be what you need to create an amazing environment. Are you ready to tell the story?


If you’re interested in something specific, just let us know. We’re always wanting to help our producers create the best Christmas content our community wants and needs. Just send us a note: Contact Us