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An Overview of Environmental Projection

Blue Environmental Projection New
Environmental Projection is the act of creating a visually immersive worship environment that ushers the intimate and powerful role of visuals, art & media back into our modern worship spaces.

TripleWide Media is the leader in providing the best Environmental Projection backgrounds, stock content and media. We hope this page gives you a better glimpse of why TripleWide Media can be your one-stop shop for all your Environmental Projection content.

What is involved with THE SETUP?

The setup process for Environmental Projection (EP) is not like most video setup processes. We recommend going with a qualified installation company that has a wealth of experience setting environmental projection up. Here are a few articles to help you get started:

To dig a little deeper, check out the latest release from Luke McElroy, Environmental Projection The Collision of Modern Technology and Sacred SpacesThis is the definitive guide to EP all in one place. The first four chapters are packed with incredible philosophy of media in the church, followed by the most comprehensive guide on environmental projection ever released!

Finally, Luke gives insights on how to choose the best media, the future of creativity in the church, and how we can learn from the failures and successes of our past to forge ahead.

Environmental Projection Conference

It’s All About Content

No matter what projectors you have, what software you use or how big of a worship space you have, the most important thing to consider is the story you’re telling. All great storytellers have two things: great training and great content.

The other thing all great storytellers have is an extensive library of content! As the leader in environmental projection content, TripleWide Media can be your library! With all the best producers on the globe, our incredible library of “Pay-as-you-go” content is available whenever you need it!

Click on one of the categories below to see our best-sellers:

1 Purchase. 3 Sizes.


We’ve removed the hassle of worrying about which resolution or size you need to purchase. We just give you all three! Every purchase at TripleWide Media comes with the singlewide, doublewide AND triplewide…
at no additional cost.

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Never Expire. Ever.

TripleWide Media is the best place for those using Environmental Projection because of two reasons:


    This means you can download the media you want whenever you need it. Don’t worry about expiring download links here.


    When you purchase credits, they never expire. Ever! So don’t worry about forgetting to buy something. Your credits will be here waiting for you.

Everyone else is stealing from you! Be smarter with the way you buy media online.

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